Midway Rides

Play Pass cards are required for midway ride ticket purchases!

Our newest attractions are Midway Rides! We have a selection of rides for everyone of every age to enjoy. All rides last approximately 4 minutes.

Ride Requirement With Parent Requirement Alone Price
Hampton Quad Runners and Motorcycles   36 to 60 inches $2.50 + tax
Teacups 36 to 46 inches 47 inches or taller $3 + tax
Tilt-A-Whirl 36 to 46 inches 47 inches or taller $4 + tax
The Scrambler 36 to 46 inches 47 inches or taller $5 + tax
Carousel     $3.50 + tax
Ferris Wheel     $4.50 + tax
Caterpillar     $2.50 + tax


We have six teacups that may fit two to three people. Each teacup sits on an arm that moves up and down while you spin yourself round and round. Where you stop? Nobody knows!


The Tilt-a-Whirl has seven freely-spinning cars that are attached at fixed points on a rotating platform. Parts of the platform are raised and lowered causing the cars to spin in different directions at different speeds.

Hampton Motorcycles and Quad Runners

The Hampton Motorcycles and Quad Runners are rides designed for the little boys and girls of the family. The motorcycles and quad runners are secured to an arm that drives each vehicle in a circle. The motorcycles also offer the children the joy of doing small jumps into the air and an occasional wheelie.

The Scrambler

The Scrambler contains a rotating middle section that has three large arms extending from it. On each of these arms is a cluster of bench seats. As the center rotates, the bench seats rotate as well. This ride gives the sensation that the benches will crash into each other, but fear not! You're simply enjoying the thrill of seat assembled 90 degrees away from the next.


An amusement ride made of a rotating platform with seats for riders. The seats are in the form of rows of wooden horses and two carriages, many of which are move up and down like galloping, to the accompaniment of music.

Jolly Caterpillar

A jolly and colorful caterpillar that spirals his long body around the track.

Ferris Wheel - Now Open!

A rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying cars attached to the edge in such a way that as the wheel turns, they are kept upright by gravity.